Refund & Cancellation Policy

1) New Order : Normally an order once placed cannot be canceled by the buyer. However, in a rare case of we accepting the cancellation request from the customer, he/she will have to bear the shipping charges and the cancelled order amount will be refunded to you within a business day and would reflect in your account within 1 -5 business days.

1a) Change in Price: Product prices are subjected to change without notice. We will intimate you about the price change. If you pay difference amount, we will ship the order, else it will be cancelled & credited with in 1 - 3 working days. 

2) Damaged product received: We make the best efforts to ensure that your order reaches you in the best possible condition. However, there may be cases where the item(s) delivered may get damaged in transit. Under such cases, you can either get the item(s) replaced free of cost or get the order cancelled. Customer will be paid back the shipping cost for resending the damaged product(s) only after eayur receives the damaged product(s) and the resending cost of shipping receipt by the customer.

3) Wrong item(s) delivered: This is unlikely to happen as our fulfillment process has multiple checks and balances to ensure that the right item(s) get delivered to the right customer at the right address. In case it does take place, we will ship the correct item immediately and collect the wrong item from you at your convenience. Order cancellation requests will also be accepted.

4) Package Shipped, Courier Not Delivered : We use 3rd party service for delivery of the packages/ orders. Some times, their could be delay in delivery from the Courier side. We will follow up with the courier company & get it delivered asap.

If package returns due to wrong mobile # or wrong address or Receipt Not available for delivery, Shipping & RTO ( Retrun to Origin ) charges will be applicable based on the order.
Refund will be done upon deduction of "Shipping & RTO" charges in 4 to 7 working days.

Shipping charges will be calculated based on the location within India.

Here are some important & helpful guidelines on Returns:

1) Always email us first if you have a problem on info [at]

2) If you reject to accept the package or Package return undelivered,
    Refund will be done upon deduction of "Shipping & RTO" charges in 4 to 7 working days..

3) Always be sure to report your problem within 2 hours of receiving the item in question.
    You can also send us photo of the Damaged box or Item or give us call at (0)8892347688 or Email at info [at]

4) Never ship back an item without consulting with us.
    It's very important that you DO NOT ship the item back to us until you have verified with us and no credit or replacement shall be given on such items.

5) Always report any and all problems associated with a single order/package delivery at the same time. Be as specific as possible when describing the problem, as all returned items are examined for defects / variations.

6) Always return your items using registered airmail / courier who provide proof of delivery.

7) Please return within 7 working days of confirmation from our end, and with original packing & in original condition. Please ensure to include a copy of the invoice you received. ( Applicable for Sl # 2 & 3 Only )

8) We will examine the product that you return, figure out what went wrong, and take immediate steps to prevent such problems from reoccurring.

9) As safe delivery to you is our responsibility, in the same way sending back safely to us is your responsibility.

10) If something happens in transit and the package doesn't get delivered to us, we cannot help you. 
So make sure to send through reliable courier agency only and forward the tracking details to us and keep the airway bill till it gets delivered to us.

11) Please mark the items as defective returns and not for sale.

 Note: Refund process may take from 1 to 10 working days.

Last updated 1st August 2015.

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